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Humanists and Chief Ministers I Met

March 31, 2011

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Journalists hitherto published several books with their experiences and opinions on various subjects.Here is a rare publication of a humanist-journalist who moved closely with 17 chief minsters of Andhra Pradesh which itself is unique.

Mr Innaiah Narisetti put his unique encounters with chief minsters of Andhra Pradesh starting from Chakravatula Rajagopalachari ( known as Rajaji) and ended with his close friend Mr. Konijeti Rosaiah. Innaiah being a writer and active humanist-ratiionalist had different approach with personalities and people in power. He came out with his encounters which will set good model to journalists.

He could put embarrassing questions to popular chief minsters like Marri Chennareddi and cine hero Mr N T Ramarao. It is also rare that a journalist could guide some policies during Bhavanam Venkataram. Mr Innaiah had peculiar love -hate relationship with Mr Neelam Sanjivareddi. Similarly Mr Jalagam Vengalarao took him into confidence for consultations. Surprisingly Mr N Innaiah never involved in political parties nor aspired positions through his acquaintances. These experiences are now part of history.

The Second part of the book is his other side of the coin. Outstanding humanists like V M Tarkunde., A B Shah, Sibnarayan Ray, Avula Gopalakrishna Murty developed renaissance ideas in India with which Mr Innaiah shared and participated. The rationalist thought which is only minority concern in India is shared by Innaiah. The present generation will develop scientific out look with the iconoclastic experiences of Mr Innaiah with humanists. Many of these things are quite unknown to young journalists and the future generation will get much benefit out of it.

The humanists covered include, S Ramanathan, M V Ramamurthy, Sushil Mukherjee and Indumati Parekh, whose experiences and knowledge will be eye openers to present generation. Each experience with every chief minister is unique in its own way.

Mr Narisetti Innaiah ( born 1937) in USA now, taught philosophy of science, in Osmanis university during 1970s, and worked as bureau chief of Andhra Jyothi at Hyderabad while Narla Venkateswararao was editor. He published several books in English and Telugu and translated some rare books into Telugu-like God Delusion of Richard Dawkins, God is not great of Christopher Hitchens, Living without religion of Paul Kurtz, and major works of M N Roy, A B Shah, V B Karnik, The Truth about Gita by V R Narla, Ochre robe by Agehananda Bharati; Letter to Christain nation by Sam Harris and Why I am not a muslim by Ibn Warrak.He worked with humanist, rationalist, secularist movements in India and USA.

No of pages: 136 (Demi)
Year of publication: 2011
Price Rs.70/- $10/-
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